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Update: If you’re using Chrome on a MacBook and you trust me, I made an interactive version. I’ve been waiting years (over a decade!) for the technology to come together for proper parallax, but I’ve digressed, that’s another blog post for another day.

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My Belated New Year’s Post or 2011 in Retrospect

Well… 2011 has been gone for 2.5 weeks, and I’ve finally decided to sit down and think about all that’s happened. I had a week off at the end of the year, but I refused to do any reflection during that time, way too much energy required.

We started last year searching for a house, and I ended it lounging in newly purchased house with the first actual week off from work I’ve had in years. Over the summer, we took a road trip to Las Vegas with the girls I finally quit my ridiculously part time job at Wizards of the Coast (moved away from Renton).

In any case, let me see if I can at least write out 12 bullet points:

  • Jan: started the home search
  • Feb: ???
  • Mar: Found the house, signed the papers!
  • Apr: We started refinishing the floors while the house was still empty.
  • May: Started moving our stuff in, and cleaning up the old house we were renting.
  • Jun: First official month actually living in the new house.
  • Jul: Niki’s 9th birthday!
  • Aug: Road trip to Vegas (started in July, to be honest), and my brother’s wedding.
  • Sep: Surgery to fix my sinus issue.
  • Oct: Maeby’s 5th birthday!
  • Nov: My first official year at Substantial
  • Dec: Took an actual week off!

It’s amazing how much time the new home claimed and maybe someone can fill in the ???, but I’m satisfied with 2011 nevertheless.